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Marshal Trading Company

Marshal Trading Company (MTC) is a subsidiary of Lone Group of Industries based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Lone Group of Industries, established in 1970, is a diversified group of companies operating in the Hospitality, Real Estate, Healthcare, Outdoors, Education, Apparel, Ceramics, Leather Products, Consumer Durables, Himalayan Salt and Personal Care sectors in Pakistan, United States, UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Australia. Some of our famous brands are Marshal Tiles, Lone Palace, Lone Realty, IKON, MTC, Lone Trading Company, VGO, Infinity Instruments & E-Lead.

MTC was set up in 2012 as a trading house with the aim to provide best in the business Tiles, Cutlery, Cookware, Utensils, Outdoor Equipment & Leather Products to various Wholesale Networks and Super Markets across the country. But with time, our scope of operations grew from a local supplier to an international trading house. We established a local supplier base of more than 120 suppliers in 20 different product categories and started to expand our strategic & geographic footprint by venturing into global markets.

Our mission is to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Priority is being placed on forming a global supply chain for delivering the best most affordable products in each sector of our operations to customers worldwide. Our commitment is to create opportunities and bring value to customers and communities around the world. We are continually striving to impress and capture hearts with trendsetting customer-centered products, excellent user experience & outstanding service.


MTC’s garment business is spearheaded by its apparel brand IKON. Established in 2016, IKON has a retail network of 130 retail stores spread across 60 cities of Pakistan. Since its inception, IKON has been designing, manufacturing and distributing men’s, women’s and children’s clothing & accessories throughout Pakistan. At IKON, we believe every outfit is an opportunity to express yourself. Inspired by vintage style and informed by today’s sensibilities, we offer a curated wardrobe that lets you do just that!

Denim is in IKON’s core business and DNA. It is its history and its future. An inseparable relationship that has marked its growth and recognizability, and which continues to be its cornerstone. Denim is a demanding and refined market. To meet that market’s needs, IKON makes creation of value its priority through differentiation and careful segmentation of its product portfolio. We don’t just offer jeans. We offer a way of thinking, a concept, and an undying passion, fuelled by the traditions of denim and the characteristics of the fabric itself. Quality and details make IKON the ideal choice for Premium Denim.

We Inspire and unite through our passion for style and culture. From traditional tailoring to the most laid-back pieces. Our collections pick up the latest trends with the maximum comfort. We design products that meet the needs of the cosmopolitan consumer. Our contemporary clothing goes beyond the fashions of the moment to express the wearer’s individuality on all occasions. A knowing synthesis between essential shapes, the highest attention to detail and sensuality of expression place IKON among Pakistan’s most authoritative interpreters of the world of fashion and its evolution over time.

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